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Prompt Engineering (4 / 20 / 40 sessions)
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Powering Efficiency and Innovation - The Future of Problem-Solving
Centered around AI tools like ChatGPT with coding language to teach students how to create interactive applications. By mastering the art of prompting, children enhance user experience and harness the power of AI. Co-pilot with AI for next-level coding now!

Prompt Your Imagination To Life (7 - 9 YO)

Milestone 1
Complete 5 modules to create an Interactive Porfolio “AI-Infused Me” projects
Module P201 - Coding Marvels: Unleashing the Power of A.I. for Beginners
Module P202 - Advanced A.I. Mastery: Unleashing Creative Potential Coding
Module P203 - Storytelling with Animated Sprites: Masterful Narratives and AI-Powered Interactions
Module P204 - AI-Powered Mario: Design an Intelligent Adventure Game
Module P205 - A.I.-Powered Portfolio: Personalise Your Presence

Milestone 2
Complete 5 modules to achieve Appathlon: Unleashing Creativity with App Inventor, APIs, and AI
Module P206 - A.I.-Driven App Creation: Unleashing the Potential of App Inventor
Module P207 - Gamecraft: ML-Infused Game Design and Development in App Inventor
Module P208 - API Powerplay: Building Game Apps with A.I,-Enhanced Login Functionality
Module P209 - Smart Maps: Developing Intelligent Location Apps with Google Maps and A.I.
Module P210 - A.I. App Mastery: Creating Cutting-Edge Apps for the Appathlon 2024

Prompt A More Efficiency Future (10 - 17 YO)

Milestone 1
Complete 5 modules to achieve AI-Powered UFO Hunter: Unleash JavaScript Magic in an Extraterrestrial Adventure
Module P301 - Coding in Style: Mastering the Art of HTML and CSS Design
Module P302 - CryptoBot: A.I.-Driven Word Encryption and Decryption
Module P303 - A.I. Hangman Master: Word Guessing Game Enhanced with Intelligent Algorithms
Module P304 - UFO Hunter: A.I.-Powered Space Invaders Game Development
Module P305 - UFO Hunter: Advanced A.I. Game Mechanics

Milestone 2
Complete 5 modules to achieve Airbnb-ify: Crafting a Dynamic Vacation Rental Website
Module P306 - A.I.-Driven Web Design: Building the Base for Your Airbnb-Like Website
Module P307 - Intelligent Interactions: Transforming Your Website with A.I.-Infused JavaScript
Module P308 - A.I.-Powered Backend Development: Building Smart Logics for Your Website
Module P309 - Intelligent Frontend Transformation: Building Responsive User Interfaces with A.I. and ReactJS for Your Website
Module P310 - A.I.-Infused Airbnb Launch: Creating an Intelligent and Fully Functional Accommodation Platform

PREFACE is a global tech-enabling company, providing technology and programming education to children. In today’s digital-driven world, it is of utmost importance for kids to be introduced to tech learning and essential coding skills. PREFACE is here to tech-enable your kids to get them future ready. Learners love Preface because we believe in creating a love for learning, which is at the centre of everything we do! Why PREFACE? Biggest and #1 Silicon Valley styled campus in Hong Kong Progressive learning path for students for portfolio building All MIT certified trainers and first Asian teaching platform to win an award in “EdTech Summit in Europe” Official Web3 training partner of Meta
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