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Code Engineering (4 / 20 / 40 sessions)
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Engineering the Digital World - The Future is in Code
Focus on building a strong foundation in coding and practical application development, helping children develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills they need. Give your child a head start to try now!

Discover the Wonder of Tech (4 - 6 YO)

Milestone 1
Complete 5 modules to create “All About Me” projects: Personal Portfolio with ScratchJr
Module E101 - Coding Fundamentals: Computational Thinking Basics
Module E102 - Animation Magic: Bringing Characters to Life
Module E103 - Storytelling Adventures: Ignite Your Imagination
Module E104 - Creative Design with AI: Exploring Generative AI Tools
Module E105 - Portfolio Showcase: Curate and Exhibit Your Artistic Journey

Milestone 2
Complete 5 modules to achieve Sustainable Development Goals “SDG Explorers”: Create an Educational Game for a Sustainable Future
Module E106 - Introduction to Block-based Programming
Module E107 - Advanced Block-based Programming
Module E108 - Adventure Game Creation: Unleash Your Creativity
Module E109 - Artistic Exploration: Discovering Styles in Game Creation
Module E110 - Gamifying Sustainability: Creating Educational Games for SDGs

Code Your Imagination To Life (7 - 9 YO)

Milestone 1
Complete 5 modules to create “Unveiling My World” project: Crafting a Dynamic Self-Introduction Portfolio
Module E201 - Scratch Starters: Fun with Coding for Young Explorers
Module E202 - Sparks in Scratch: Unleash Your Coding Superpowers
Module E203 - Animate Your Imagination: Crafting Captivating Characters and Stories
Module E204 - Super Mario Maker: Design Your Own Adventure World
Module E205 - Interactive Portfolios: Engage with Scratch for Personalized Presentation

Milestone 2
Complete 5 modules to empower Innovation with A.I. through “App Inventor Mastery”
Module E206 - App Inventor Mastery: Hands-On App Development with App Inventor
Module E207 - Gamecraft: Engaging Game Design and Development
Module E208 - Game App Login Pro: Building Secure Login Functionality with APIs
Module E209 - Map Explorer: Building Location-Aware Apps with Google Map Integration
Module E210 - Appathlon 2024 Challenge: Crafting a Winning App for the Competition

Code Your Imagination To Life (10 - 17 YO)

Milestone 1
Complete 5 modules to learn JavaScript with Fun - Build an UFO Hunter Game
Module E301 - Building Your First Website: HTML and CSS Fundamentals
Module E302 - Cryptography Quest: Word Encoding and Decoding
Module E303 - Hangman Showdown: Word Guessing Game Development
Module E304 - UFO Hunter: Space Invaders Game Development
Module E305 - UFO Hunter: Advanced Game Mechanics

Milestone 2
Complete 5 modules to build a website - AirClone: Building a Dynamic Airbnb Website Clone with HTML and JavaScript
Module E306 - Web Design Foundations: Building the Base for Your Airbnb-Like Website
Module E307 - Interactive Web Development: Bringing Your Website to Life
Module E308 - Backend Development Essentials: Building the Engine Room of Your Website
Module E309 - Frontend Revamp: Creating a Dynamic User Interface with ReactJS for Your Website
Module E310 - Polish and Launch: Creating a Fully Functional Website

PREFACE is a global tech-enabling company, providing technology and programming education to children. In today’s digital-driven world, it is of utmost importance for kids to be introduced to tech learning and essential coding skills. PREFACE is here to tech-enable your kids to get them future ready. Learners love Preface because we believe in creating a love for learning, which is at the centre of everything we do! Why PREFACE? Biggest and #1 Silicon Valley styled campus in Hong Kong Progressive learning path for students for portfolio building All MIT certified trainers and first Asian teaching platform to win an award in “EdTech Summit in Europe” Official Web3 training partner of Meta
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