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【PhD Scientists STEAM Classes】- Future Sciences (Senior)
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The activity series with the themes “lights”, “windows” and “walls​” are all designed by college students studying architecture. Through three classes, students can learn English, architecture, visual arts, culture, and history.

The series with the theme “Revelation of Western Dining Table” is designed by college students majoring in education and social sciences. Students can learn table manners and related English vocabulary in the activity. The content is lively and interesting.

“Lights”: In this class, students can learn about light sources, the history of light bulbs and the importance of light. This knowledge will arouse students’ interest in science, history and art.

“Windows”: What does the window in your classmate’s house look like? Have you paid attention to the beautiful windows? In this class, students will learn about windows in Hong Kong and around the world, and learn to appreciate the artistic beauty of windows.

“Walls”: This activity class will give students an understanding of the arrangement of wall tiles, the composition and meaning underneath wall designs from the perspective of environmental protection and history.

“Revelation of Western Dining Table 1”: Different countries have their table manners. From the tableware placement to the dining etiquette, of course, there are all exquisites. Through activities, students can also understand the subtle relationship between eating habits and their personalities from a psychological perspective.

“Revelation of Western Dining Table 2”: After reviewing the table etiquette in the previous hall, we continue to understand table habits from psychology. Besides, through activities, students further learn the important part of preparing western food, napkin folding and eating. From meal package, meal soup, main course, to dessert, let’s experience the basic procedures and details of western food culture together!

Purpose: Through group activities, games, and encouragement, teach primary school students (especially junior level) knowledge and skills that can be used for life.

PhD Scientists is an authentic STEAM-based science centre founded by a team of scientists passionate about education. The curriculum is written by a team of REAL scientists who are passionate about Science education. Our courses are not only exclusive to children who want to be scientists but also for everyone who is curious about life!
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