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Master English Speaking Through STEM
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We all know STEM will be the most sought-after subjects at school in the future. We also know English is THE language to speak on a global scale. Without a common tongue, great ideas will be bound by the invisible wall of language and brilliant thoughts might never have the chance to be exchanged. Therefore, STEM and English are the 2 essential skills anyone must master, for them to succeed in the next century. If you, as the most diligent parent, wish for a bright future for your children, there is no better way than equipping them to speak the languages of tomorrow. And this course will help lay down the foundational bricks for all their future education.


The best 2-in-1 STEM and English speaking program for kids

Reading: Make English learning interesting and develop critical reading skills 🧠📚
Writing: Learn practical and essential English vocabulary and enhance the writing skill ✏️
Listening: Interact with British or American tutors to build listening skills naturally 🎧
Speaking: Boost self-confidence and train speaking skill by speaking conversational English with native English tutor 🗣
Reasoning: Use different science subjects as a teaching tool to cultivate logical reasoning ability 💭

The Keys of KIDI Education Three Keys KIDI Education KIDI is built upon practical and effective approaches supported by various educational research studies to provide only the best for your children. Learning a new language is especially hard but we make it fun and interactive where students explore their full capabilities; where they not only learn to converse in the English language but their scientific knowledge develops as well. Communication & comprehension We spend tremendous amounts of time working with the professionals in the U.S and internationally, in order to effectively develop our teaching content. We have an all-round, innovative and coherent curriculum that develops children's comprehension, communication, and reading capability. International standards application We take reference of learning objectives from international standard including The Common Core State Standards (CCSS), the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), The English National Curriculum, Hong Kong's English Language Education Guide, and International Baccalaureate (IB).
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