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暑期課程組合 - 丹麥寫作室 + 挪威3D模型設計室 (8節)
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  • 以丹麥教育研究成果為藍本的讀寫工具及課程
  • 全球來自40多個國家的兒童已參與超過100萬本書的創作
  • 鼓勵孩子以多媒體創作方式進行寫作,並由導師從旁引導孩子將自己創作的文字轉換成正確的寫作方法,透過對比與導師寫作的不同,逐步提升孩子的讀寫技巧
  • 孩子的作品會被打印成實體書籍,供自己及其他孩子與課堂或課後參閱,在學習創作不同種類的書籍和故事主題的同時,創建專屬自己的多媒體書籍,從中激發其創意及閱讀興趣
  • 學生每兩節課可得到自己創作的圖畫書一本


  • 來自挪威教育科技公司的3D和AR模型教育平台
  • 由北歐國家、美國和德國一流大學共同開發
  • 每一堂都設有特定主題,透過指導孩子以不同的幾何圖案建立3D模型,並以AR方式呈現作品,鼓勵孩子大膽分享自己的創作和想法
  • 提升孩子對立體幾何及方向性方面的空間及邏輯思維,並啟發孩子以設計科技解決日常問題的興趣
  • 上課題材:綠色城市、對稱結構、自由創作世界
InNordics is the only local education center that aims to provide recognized Nordic whole-person education programs for children aged 3-12. Programs cover science, social-emotional intelligence, physical education, creative reading & writing and 3D-model design. Each of the programs is well-featured from the Nordic countries: Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland, with the support of Nordic education technology and empirical researches coordinated by the world-class universities and scholars. We shed light on self-directed learning, innovation, collaboration, play-based and global citizenship, to equip our students with vital 21st century competencies. InNordics is honoured to be awarded the “Best STEAM Education Center of the Year (2021)” with the support from our parents and students, and we have launched our education branches in Tseung Kwan O and Nordic Education Hub located in Happy Valley.
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