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Mathematics Classroom of i-Math Education is designed for children between 3 to 15. They aim at developing children’s interest in Mathematics by using systematic teaching materials with mathematical concepts. Thus, this can enhance children’s logical thinking and examination skills.

Kindergarten students
i-Math adopts attractive teaching methods by using colorful books, pictures and toys to consolidate children’s fundamental concepts in mathematics. The K-book includes the listed topics: numbers, addition and subtraction, fast calculation, geometry, logical thinking etc.

Primary school students
The learning materials are designed based on the Hong Kong Education Bureau curriculum. Apart from revising what they have learned before, this course helps students to have a better understanding of each topic’s important concepts through games and real-life examples. Students with better mathematical sense can preview topics that are not yet taught in school and learn mathematical concepts and calculation skills in i-Math. Therefore, they can handle different mathematics challenges in the future.

i-Math emphasizes students’ ability to understand mathematical concepts. Students are not able to handle challenging questions if they are not familiar with those concepts. They might forget what they learned quickly.

Students can follow the school curriculum easily through the teaching from i-Math. They can handle questions easily and independently.

Before the examination period, i-Math adopts effective exam drilling which significantly strengthens students’ confidence in aiming high in examination.

Secondary school students
The learning materials are designed based on Mathematics Education Key Learning Area Curriculum Guide from Hong Kong Education Bureau. There is a large difference between primary and secondary mathematics, and many students cannot get used to understanding mathematical concepts in secondary school. However, they can handle challenging questions by applying the techniques and skills taught by i-Math. It is essential to learn mathematics in systematic ways.

我們的數學課程適合 幼稚園、小學、初中、國際學校。 👉100% 本地數學課程  (根據香港教育局本地課程綱要) 👉小組形式因材施教,每位老師 vs 3 – 4 位學生 👉優秀幼兒數學教材,配合活潑教學法  (曾協助學生入讀傳統小學名校,包括協恩、德望、男拔、王錦輝.....等等) 👉教材以中文及英文編製,並以精細圖案、形象解說和生活化例子進行教學 👉多項學生獎勵活動  (加強學習動力) 👉完善的員工培訓及福利制度(加強導師教學質素及大幅降低流失率)
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