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AM / PM STEM Workshops (10 sessions)
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$350.00 - $4,750.00
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Mechanic Workshop (3 - 4 YO)
Starting as a toddler, young children come across uncountable machines in life without understanding how they actually work. The conveyor belt at the airport, the turnstile at subway stations, the elevator that takes them up and down...All these movable objects might seem like magic to them. In the Mechanic Workshop, the young minds will not only see how things work, they will also get to create, and build these machines to make them move!

​Engineering Workshop (5 - 8 YO)
In this workshop, children will acquire and apply a large variety of engineering concepts in their LEGO creations. Utilizing the abundant resources available at our workshop, they will be able to build and modify inspiring projects that serve creative and meaningful purposes.
Don't underestimate the potential in children; sometimes even our instructors are fascinated by children's creations!

Build & Code Workshop (6 - 7 YO)
Students will utilize an innovative LEGO-compatible system to build a broad collection of projects, which further develops students’ engineering knowledge and also introduces them to foundational coding concepts through an intuitive coding interface that is suitable for their age. They will apply and code a variation of wireless motors and sensors detecting sound, distance, colour and even face recognitions to their projects. It will effectively train students’ sequential thinking skills, benefiting their further learning in coding.

Robotic Division (7 - 14 YO)
Students will construct and code robots to complete fun and challenging tasks. Upon completion, they will tinker the structure of robots to improve their capabilities and functions. Through the learning process, they will learn core robot mechanics with different components such as how robots sense, detect, and react to different environments and circumstances. In each level, students will create DIY robotics projects, with the creation of an online portfolio recording every milestone.

Minecraft Coders (7 - 14 YO)
Learn the concepts of coding through interactive challenges using the popular sandbox game Minecraft. Using Minecraft's unique coding language “Code Builder”, students will enjoy learning Coding with fun and well-designed coding exercises.

Game Dev Department (8 - 14 YO)
While all children love to play video games, ever imagine it being a great channel for them to learn coding? In the Game Development Dept, children will create their own video games. Coding is no longer boring; through game creation, they will learn the foundation of coding through an engaging and easy-to-understand way of teaching.

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