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Senior Summer 2023 themed Camps (4 / 5 Day Camp)
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BattleBot Engineer
Apply your wisdom and strategies to cooperate with your teammate, build your unique robotic tank and learn to code it to participate in exciting robot battles in this camp!
Build an advance unique Robotic BattleBot with functional Cannon
Design customized parts to reinforce the engineering structure of your team's robot
Use Scratch to code a variety of movements for the bot to gain advantages in the battle
Train up your communication skill and teamwork through strategy discussion and planning with your teammates
Adapt to the ever-changing battle situation to win it all!

Minecraft Youtuber
YouTubers bring a lot of fun and inspiration to their audiences! It is also a very attractive career for the new generation! It might seem easy, but do YouTubers simply set a camera up and speak randomly in front of it? In this camp, learn what it takes for a Youtuber to create content by showcasing your Minecraft creation to audiences!
Create a building in Minecraft with a chosen topic that you’d like to showcase
Explore what content creators are and their responsibilities
Pick your video format, then plan and write scripts, shoot videos, and narrate behind or speak in front of the camera
Train presentation skill through recordings of walkthroughs
Learn basic video editing skills, and how to publish your short video creation on YouTube!
*Student must bring own iPad with the latest version of Minecraft installed (Please contact us if not available)

Roblox Game Designer
Do you like Roblox? Most kids only play games created by others on the Roblox platform. Learn how to create and code your own games, and train up your planning, organisation, and problem solving skills through the process of making a one-of-a-kind Roblox game this summer!
3D object manipulation (Lava Obstacle Script coding) through Obstacle
Game themes and character pathing (moving enemies) through Maze Game
Terrain manipulation (Vehicle Spawner) through Race Track
Game configuration (lava traps / moving traps / weapon spawner / vehicle spawner) through Capture the Flag
Unplugged activities throughout the week to balance screen time during the learning process

Mario Robo Coder
It’s-a-me, Mario! You’ve played Mario Kart on video games and watched the new Mario movie, but have you thought of building a robotic Mario Kart in real life, as well as the contraptions and racetrack? You will also make your own Mario games and animation. Let’s-a-go!
Construct a robotic Mario Kart and have a fun race with your classmates!
Design and build contraptions within the Mario Kart race, utilizing different types of sensors, motors and codes
Let your creativity go wild and create your very own Mario animation
Develop and code the classic Mario platform game in Scratch and let your family and friends play it

Engage in a week filled with a wide range of coding experience, where students will understand how ChatGPT and Machine Learning work. Off-screen coding activities like drones coding will also be covered in this inspiring program!
Program flight paths to control DJI Tello Talent, a drone developed for educational use and flying safely indoors
Learn about the A.I. technology that powers ChatGPT and learn how to effectively prompt this new tech to assist your work
Build and code a carnival game, the Can Shooter, with EV3 Mindstorm robotics
Combine the technology of AI image generation with Stable Diffusion and Scratch coding to create a comic strip
Create chat-bots to test against fellow classmates’ questions upon given topics

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