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Junior Summer 2023 themed Camps (4 / 5 Day Camp)
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Marioland Planner
Work with your team to build your Mushroom Kingdom - from the layout to zoning of the city, from facilities of the community to the architectural designs. Help Princess Peach to solve the various problems that her Kingdom faces!
Plan, design, and build the facilities, structures, and transportations of Marioland with LEGO®
Through group discussions, decide what buildings are required based on citizens’ needs
Apply STEM knowledge in daily scenarios of problems that Marioland faces
Train organization skill in city planning and communication skills through discussions
Practice leadership, analytical skill and teamwork through problem-solving

Superhero HQ
Our community is in danger and needs help from some brave souls! Learn a new STEM-related knowledge everyday and accomplish daily missions to solve challenges and save the world!
Design and create your unique superhero gadgets with LEGO® to protect our city
Apply engineering concepts in superhero vehicles, contraptions, and weapons
Plan and construct superheroes’ secret base with your fellow superheroes
Analyze the daily challenges and discuss with the team on how to solve the problem
Design and customize superhero mask in disguise and bring it home

STEAM in Wonderlands
Join an adventure through the Book of Wonderlands, participating in STEAM activities related to each story. Bring home not just your magical experience, but also magical products you crafted!
Understand the science in bubble solutions and make your own, along with your customized sparkly bubble wands!
Design and build a LEGO® Kingdom with your classmates
Build a stable bridge that can support certain weight, to help Rapunzel cross the river to escape
Learn about different materials and house structure in the story of Three Little Pigs
Plant a bean to investigate and observe plant growth and characteristic, then learn to build a zipline and the physics behind it to help Jack get back on land
In the story of Little Mermaid, create Ocean in a Bottle to learn about density, and make beautiful sparkly slime to learn about the science in it

Pokémon Scratch Jr
Engaging in the exciting theme of Pokémon, young coders will effectively learn fundamental coding logics with the Scratch Jr, a MIT-developed coding language for the young minds.
Design your very own Pokémon characters in a short animation
Create various types of games such as Pokémon battle game, Pokeball catching game, hide & seek game
Create a Ditto transformation animation
Play Pokémon-themed group activities with classmates!

Harry Potter Science
Interested in wizardry and science? Engage in mesmerizing experiments and activities inspired by the incredible world of Harry Potter! There's no need to prepare your cape and wand, we've got everything ready for you!
Make magical color-changing potions with cabbage juice to learn about acid and base
Explore chocolate science and make the Chocolate Frog from Honeyduke Candy Shop
Learn the physics in the exciting Golden Snitch catapult challenge
Explore magnetism with the wand with Wingardium Leviosa spell to make feather flies
Make your own cloud dough in your house color
More Harry Potter themed games & crafts

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