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Genius Workshop Regular – Engineering courses
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Course 1 – Engineering – Mechanic Workshop

Starting as a toddler, young children come across un-countable machines in life without understanding how they actually work. The conveyor belt at the airport, the turnstile at subway stations, the elevator that takes them up and down… all these movable objects might seem like magic to them.​

In the Mechanic Workshop, the young minds will not only see how things work, they will also get to create, and build these machines to make them move!

Course 2 – Engineering – Engineering Workshop

In this workshop, children will acquire and apply a large varieties of engineering concepts in their LEGO creations. Utilizing the abundant resources available at our workshop, they will be able to build and modify inspiring projects that serve creative and meaningful purposes.

Don’t underestimate the potential in children; sometimes even our instructors are fascinated by children’s creations!

Course 3 – Engineering – Architecture Unit

The relationships between structure, stability, and forces are the very reason why our buildings can stand still in storms. However, architecture is not limited to buildings – it can also be towers, bridges, houses, or any structure that serves different purposes.

Experiments will be done to test if hour architectural creations can stand through all the tests, just like a real architect.

Course 4 – Engineering – Green Zone

With the world’s resources running low, its effect on our next generation will be much greater than it has on us. While alternative energy is inevitable, it is important for children to understand how energy works to sustain the world in the future.


Course 1 – Engineering – Mechanic Workshop

Enrich Life knowledge by experimenting how things work
Introduction to simple machines and physics concepts
Improves fine-motor and cognitive skills
Encourage children to express ideas through fun interactive teaching method
Stimulate creativity in model expansions, small games and story-telling
Effectively prepare children for school interviews

Course 2 – Engineering – Engineering Workshop

Understand in-depth engineering concepts behind machines, including usage of motors
Application of engineering knowledge in creations from cumulated knowledge and experience
Practice problem-solving and express creativity through modification challenges
Improve concentration and train patience through promoting the importance to focus on details
Train independencyand shape learning attitude through modification challenges
Practice understanding of 2D to 3D conversion

Course 3 – Engineering – Architect Unit

Learn about different topics in architecture and structural engineering
Understand concepts such as: Materials, Forces, Structure, Stability, Scaling, Balance, Layout & Blueprints, Functionality… etc.
Construct customized miniature architectural structures, simulating how real world undergoes natural and unnatural conditions every day
Develop comprehensive thinking in LEGO architectural building

Course 4 – Engineering – Green Zone

Learn the characteristics of different forms of energy
Introduce the format and conduction of experiments
Compare advantages and disadvantages of renewable and non-renewable energy
Experiment effectiveness and real-life applicability of structures powered by renewable energy
Practice analytical skills through the experiments
Raise children’s awareness to global environmental issues

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