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Genius Workshop Regular – Digital Creation courses
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Course 1 – Digital Creation – Animation Academy

Being in their most creative years, children innovate at a remarkable rate. It is such a valuable thing for them to have a chance to record their imaginations in the form of an animated film. Animations are no longer only for watching, in this workshop, children will produce and direct their very own stop-motion animation from scratch.

Course 2 – Digital Creation – Art Studio

When artistry meets technology, anything can be created – comic strips, digital storybook, magazines, illustrations, graphic designs… From brainstorming to first-stage sketching, from drafting illustrations using computer software to finishing the last touch-ups, students’ creativity can run wild, where they get to be the designer, author, and even the publisher!


Course 1 – Digital Creation – Animation Academy

Acquire and apply fundamental skills in videography of stop-motions
Stimulate creativity in story-planning and script-writing
Construct different scenes with LEGO and other materials or props
Add after effects and sounds effect during editing
Train patience, time-management, and organization skills by putting imaginations in order

Course 2 – Digital Creation – Art Studio

Allow children’s artistic genes to take charge with the support of technology
Guide children to brainstorm and keep their ideas in an organised manner
Design, craft, and create digital art masterpieces with art creation software
Learn the difference between traditional visual arts and digital arts
Encourage children to express themselves through different media; it could be any type of artwork

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