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Genius Workshop Regular – Coding courses
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Product Format : LIVE
$2,800.00 - $3,200.00
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Course 1 – Coding-Robotic Division

Recruits who join the Robotics Division are trained to specialise in advanced robotics mechanics. They will build, code, and tinker with robots to complete specific tasks with maximum efficiency.

Hard work will also reap rewards – upon completion of each level, recruits will be promoted and awarded medals accordingly, with higher ranks comes more prestige!

Course 2 – Coding-Game Development Division

While all children love to play video games, ever imagine it being a great channel for them to learn coding? In Game Development Dept, children will create their own video games.

Coding is no longer boring; through game creation, they will learn the foundation of coding through an engaging and easy-to-understand way of teaching.

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