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1:1 / 1:2 Gu-zheng Course
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The gu-zheng has a long history and is by far the most popular Chinese instrument. In the beginner's stage, we will first learn how to identify the strings, read a simple score, and get to know the common fingerings and basic left-hand techniques of the guzheng, including ging, rubbing, pressing and sliding, etc. These techniques will be applied to each of the small pieces. After 8 lessons, we will begin to learn the exam book, starting from Grade 1 and progressing step by step.

Hei man graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring in guzheng performance. 2012, she joined the "Zheng Music Junior", which was selected as one of the "RTHK New Talent 2015", and has performed with the group in Macau and Taiwan, as well as visited Tokyo University of the Arts in Japan for overseas art exchange. In 2017, she participated in the first Macau International Guzheng Music Festival and won the "Dunhuang Cup. She was awarded the Silver Prize in the Guzheng Solo in the Young Professional A Group of the First Macau International Guzheng Competition and the Gold Prize in the Young Professional Group of the Sixth International Guzheng Competition 2019. During her studies, she was a member of the Academy of Performing Arts Guzheng Troupe and performed with the troupe in Xi'an and Taiwan, winning a gold medal in the 6th International Guzheng Repertoire Competition. In 2018, she and her friends organised the "Zheng. Wenqing" guzheng concert 2018 and a solo graduation concert in 2020.
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