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English Writing Course (4 / 8 Sessions)
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Level 1 (Suitable for P4 - P5 students)

  • At the beginning of Level 1, students will focus on practical vocabulary and basic sentence patterns, and at the end of the course, they will be given writing exercises in different genres to apply what they have learnt, so that they can build up a good foundation in writing.

Level 2 (Suitable for P6 - S1 students)

  • In Level 2, students will be taught different phrases and clauses so that they can use more precise and varied sentences in their writing. Students will also learn vocabulary, phrases and sentence structures through the appreciation of sample texts.

Level 3 (suitable for S2 - S3 students)

  • In Level 3, students are taught how to write informative, well-organised paragraphs, precise and powerful sentences, and dynamic sentence structures. In addition to the theory, the tutor will also provide practical exercises to reinforce what students have learnt.

The content and sequence may change according to the instructor's decision.

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