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Asian Young Learners (2nd) Online English Writing Competition
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Protostar + The Mysteries of the Universe

The competition is planned and supervised, personally by Dr. Jeanne Lam, Doctor of Education from The University of Nottingham, UK. We are honored to have Professor Chen Long Sheng (Principal of HKU SPACE) be the chairman and final judge of the competition.

This is our third year hosting the Asia-wide online competition covering Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and Thailand. We strive to connect primary and junior high school students to promote cultural exchange through discussion by learning, thereby further promoting their interest in English writing.


  • First prize winner: receiving an Honorary Scholarship valued at HKD$3000, a Certificate of Merit and 8 free lessons with Protostar
  • Runner-up: receiving an Honorary Scholarship valued at HKD$2000, a Certificate of Merit and 5 free lessons with Protostar
  • Second runner-up: receiving an Honorary Scholarship valued at HKD$1000, Certificate of Merit and 3 free lessons with Protostar

* Outstanding contestants will have the opportunity to become the spokesperson of Education and enjoy one year of free courses with Protostar
* All applicants will receive a certificate of entry and a complimentary English proficiency assessment with Renaissance

All English teachers of Protostar Education are from the US public or private schooling system who specialize in teaching K-5 (preschool to fifth grade) children and possess State Teacher Certification including Arkansas, Kansas, Texas, Virginia, Florida, and Utah.
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