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Super Phonics (10 / 18 Sessions)
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Category : IQ
Product Format : LIVE
$2,600.00 - $4,680.00
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  • Three-steps Learning Ladder
  • A-Z: Corresponding phonemes of 26 alphabets
  • ao: Phonics of monophthong / diphthong
  • sh: Phonics of consonant cluster
  • Integrate pronunciation of letters, new vocabularies, and short sentences into classes.
  • Stimulate children’s learning interest with gamified homework.
  • Ensure the learning outcome by three progressive revisions per stage.

Course Benefits:

  • Lay a solid foundation for children’s listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills by the natural phonics curriculum designed in accordance with the curriculum system of American schools.
  • Immerse the sequential teaching concepts of “phoneme/consonant cluster- word- short sentence” to help children build excellent print and phonemic awareness.
  • Increase children’s lexicon and nurture their reading habit by adding a short story composed of common words during each lesson.
  • Begin spelling words, reading short sentences, and describing pictures in English quickly under the instruction from our professional foreign teachers.
  • Online Digital Reading & Writing Materials and Classes Recording Playback. Students can study and review material more efficiently
All English teachers of Protostar Education are from the US public or private schooling system who specialize in teaching K-5 (preschool to fifth grade) children and possess State Teacher Certification including Arkansas, Kansas, Texas, Virginia, Florida, and Utah.
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