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Jolly Phonics (20 / 24 Sessions)
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$3,760.00 - $4,512.00
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Jolly Phonics is a systematic phonics programme which is designed to teach children to read. The course is conducted in a lively, interesting and multi-sensory way.

They will learn the 42 sounds of the English language, rather than the alphabet.

This course develops their ability to read and spell independently through the blending of vowels and consonants together to create words.

After finishing the course, students can read fluently, spell accurately and pronounce complex word groups with ease.

Panda English 是香港成立的網上英語學習平台(獲政府機構獎項的初創公司),外藉與本地導師均具備豐富的知識與教學經驗。 Build up your English skills online. 隨著全球化及科技的進步,學習不再停留在固有的面授課程,網上教學提供方便的教學環境,使學習不再受地域限制。 學思並重 「學而不思則罔,思而不學則殆。」學是思的前題,具備知識並加以思考運用,才能達至最佳的學習成果。有別於一般單向教授,我們著重師生互動,以引導形式啟發學生思考,使學生能舉一反三,主動思考。 Never stop learning, learn with fun. 有學習,就有成長。良師是學生獲取知識的嚮導,通過老師的循循善誘及學生孜孜不倦的學習,英語成績定能得到改善。我們提倡以互動形式教學,使學生更能融入課堂,愉快地學習英語。
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