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Tailor-made Online English Course (1:1/1:2)
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$290.00 - $4,440.00
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Every child is unique! We provide every student with personalized guidance and inspiration according to his/her English level, age, character, hobbies and other related factors.

Multiple materials, Inspired teaching
Our teaching materials include social, educational, environmental , scientific, and cultural topics , which enable our students to broaden their horizon while practicing their spoken English. Moreover, we also aim at developing students' critical thinking and creative thinking through discussions of different problems and solutions.

Comprehensive Follow-up and Assessment System
Our tutors, course planners and headteachers work together as a team to follow up students 'different learning stages and make regular assessments, and adjust the course timely according to students' conditions as well. We aim at providing interesting, innovative and inspiring courses which help students to use English with confidence and accuracy.

Efficient and Effective Communication and Cooperation
Parents can watch a replay of each of their child’s courses to fully understand their child's performance and witness every breakthrough and progress. Our head teacher will also regularly give feedback on each student’s learning situation and listen to parents' opinions and suggestions.

Sunny Smart is an education company that provides a variety of education service. Our online English course is a tailor-made online interactive course. We offer an effective and innovative education system which ensure our students to be capable to communicate confidently with others. Our unique curriculum is designed according to individual differences and our tutors from all over the world are experienced, amiable and supportive. Besides, comprehensive follow-up and assessment system are set up which guarantee efficient and effective communication and cooperation between parents and us. Join us and enjoy the fun of speaking English and develop your language skills through natural acquisition!
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