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PhD Tutorial Courses – Chinese, Mathematics, English (P1 – P6)
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$1,300.00 - $3,500.00
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With over 10-year experience in Primary and Secondary education, our curriculum is developed by our Scientists founders, not only with remarkable scientific background, but also with life-long devotion to enhance students’ academic ability and inspire them to overcome their weaknesses under an enjoyable learning environment.

Integrated Course
Use a Progressive Approach
Strengthen Reading Capability
Individualize Teaching Approach
Writing Course
Upgrade composition skills comprehensively with exercises of different essay patterns
Students of similar abilities will be grouped together for a more efficient teaching approach
To encourage students to boost their creativity to develop creative writing skills
Mathematics (Eng/Chi)

Remedial Courses
Strengthen Mathematical foundation
Enhance ability of solving Mathematical word problems
Make Mathematics fun by games
Enhancement Course
Elementary Arithmetics
Areas & Volumes
Simple Equations

Integrated Course
Grammar Usage
Reading Comprehension
Writing Course (Intermediate, Advanced Level)
Equip the ability to use simple yet precise wordings to explicit your thoughts
Capable to express ideas effectively by using the appropriate formats of different genres

PhD Scientists is an authentic STEAM-based science centre founded by a team of scientists passionate about education. The curriculum is written by a team of REAL scientists who are passionate about Science education. Our courses are not only exclusive to children who want to be scientists but also for everyone who is curious about life!
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