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Early childhood period is a critical time in building and acquiring the development of memory because memory is a complex cognitive ability that will be important in many aspects of thinking and learning later in life. Young children learn best through play, so this course will be fun and stimulating for them at the same time. The course is provided by the Hong Kong Academy of Memory which is the only ISO-9001 certified memory training institution in Hong Kong.


Good memory is like an accelerator engine in the learning process

Enhancing cognitive ability
Stimulating visuospatial ability
Fostering imagination
Training in associative learning
Activating different part of the brain with fun neuroplasticity training
Improving concentration

Course content:
【Flashcard】Train imagery memory by flashing many pictures.
【Colour Card]】Use different shapes and patterns with matching colours to train their imagery memory and ask kids to recreate the original order.
【Spatial Memory】To train kids’ observation and spatial mental ability by watching specially designed short videos.
【Picture Story Memory】To stimulate kids’ creativity and memory, and to encourage their expression of emotion by teaching them how to create imaginary stories.
【Mind Map】To boost imagination by drawing a brain map with the tutor about a predetermined topic.
【Disassembly】To strengthen association ability by selecting special characters from the previously studied flashcard library to create new memory associations.
【Brain Gym】Through a variation of brain exercises, they can stimulate different parts of the brain to have an all-around brain training and hence to improve the learning ability.

香港記憶學院成立於2012年2月,由一群醉心於教育的團隊而建立。我們的課程是透過多年來自行鑽研的記憶學技術並整合來自世界各地(包括英國、德國、澳洲、日本等地)現存的記憶方法及理論所結合而成。 除了教授學員整套記憶方法外,我們更會為學員度身設計記憶方法,使其更能將學各種記憶方法應用於日常生活或學習中。而本中心亦會於各類型方程中加入自行研發的另類視聽讀開腦技巧,以協助改善學員的心理效能,使其更有效及更樂於吸收知識! 開心就開腦! 以「極大量資訊」和「超高速記憶」作為記憶指標,不但在瞬間提昇人的記憶能力,更可在極短時間內提昇外語的聽力、視力和閱讀能力。新系統內的部分內容更是首度於香港面世,面對這一系列的全新記憶模式!現今世上存在著多種記憶方法,而其中被歸類作為記憶學培訓的約有十多種。正因為這些方法都非常有效,因此在多個國家皆受到高度重視,甚至有不少先進國家(例如:德國)早已將部分記憶方法納入其教育制度中,使學生從少掌握記憶技巧而受用終生。開腦是學習的根本,本中心強調有效學習,但我們更重視開心學習,因為我們相信「開心就開腦」!
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