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2023 Summer Program ENGLISH x FITNESS (1 - 14 sessions)
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Category : IQ
Product Format : LIVE
$380.00 - $4,000.00
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Let your children stay healthy and active during this summer, as well as be better prepared for the upcoming school year.

Apple Kindergarten (K1-3) - 14 sessions

  • Immerse into English through connecting vocabularies with full sentences & passages while having fun. Prepare for primary school with confidence.

Grape Primary (P1-6) - 14 sessions

  • Enhance reading and writing skills through interactive activities. Prepare for TSA/Secondary school at ease.
Soda Academy is genuinely committed to the development of children & teenagers aged between 3 and 17. We aim at our best to provide innovative courses to unleash their unique abilities and better prepare them for the future! Fitness - Our physical fitness program focuses on cultivating children’s abilities to effectively master simple, fun, and safe exercises. Various types of games and exercise training are used in parallel to enhance their interest in exercising and cultivate a lifelong habit of regular exercise from a young age. Coding - Our coding courses are specially designed for kids & teenagers, empowering them to become future creators with technology. We offer different streams of programming languages, inspiring them to combine computer knowledge with their creativity, allowing them to use coding as a medium to share what is important and interesting with others, and to always create their own unique projects while learning to code.
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