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The benefits of swimming are well-known to everyone: it is not only a good choice for physical fitness but also an indispensable survival skill. Learn to swim as early as possible to develop better body shapes and flexibility. Children will no longer be afraid of water, and showering would be much easier! This swimming course caters to different students’ levels and needs in small group formats. (This group format helps to accelerate positive member interactions to achieve learning goals faster together). Your child can freely choose to participate in: toddlers’ class, elementary class, class focusing on posture improvement, or competition preparation class, by joining this ONE swimming course. The swimming class is led by a group of senior swimming coaches and former swimming team members with outstanding performances. More than 100 academic award-winning swimmers were trained here. Just before the next competition, train your children to become the next school representative and winner!
「泳能游泳會」於 2006 年成立,主力於將軍澳區推廣游泳運動,發展至今已經超過十三年,現在服務 範圍已經涉及將軍澳、觀塘、籃田、美孚、深水埗、尖沙咀以及銅鑼灣等地區,我們更於 2016 年成立 「泳能游泳會有限公司」,公司員工超過 20 人。2018 年單是暑假 (7-8 月份),參加本會游泳班及泳隊的 總人數已經接近 400 人!本會過去一直與不少中小學、機構及各大會所合作。 本會師資 (所有教練必須持有以下證書 香港業餘游泳總會 / 香港游泳教師總會 - 游泳教練證書 香港拯溺總會 - 拯溺銅章 / 泳池救生專章 本會的精英教練顧問團隊部分資歷如下 前世界青年游泳錦標賽冠軍 中國國家健將級運動員 前香港游泳代表隊成員 前拔萃男書院游泳隊隊長
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