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Bollywood Dance Children Course
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$1,680.00 - $3,280.00
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Bollywood Dance combines a variety of Indian classical dances and folk dances, as well as elements such as Jazz and Hip Hop. Many of us have watched the dance scenes in Bollywood movies. A large group of people often gather up and express their happiness through dancing along with catchy rhythms.

Dancing not only helps train up muscle memories but also releases stress to make you feel relaxed. Start practicing this cardio activity to engage your health quotient (HQ) now!

A dance course to let children mature physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively.

To experience Bollywood Dance & Indian culture
To build up confidence, be positive love & happiness
To understand the culture of another country & broaden our international field of vision

About instructor:

With professional Indian Bollywood Dance instructor, Soni Punjabi, the1st generation of Bollywood dance teacher in HK. She has been actively promoting Bollywood dance for 19 years and has a solid teaching experience. She is a choreographer of Indian New Year celebration dance and also the Bollywood Dance advisor of famous drama [ Little Hong Kong Season 2 ]. She was born and lives in Hong Kong, so she can speak Cantonese in class if necessary.

Instructors - Candy and Anita Sze Candy Sze & Anita Sze are sisters, 20 years of Argentine Tango teaching experience. They developed a good and effective communication methodology in Tango and applied it in their curriculum. More than an usual dancing class for teaching the dance itself, they guide their students to better their relationship with kids, couples, colleagues and friends. Results have been proved during these 20 years.
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