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Fancy Rope Skipping Interest Course / Private Course
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$800.00 - $1,080.00
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The interest course will cover the following topics:

  • Knowledge of rope skipping, such as holding the rope, swinging it forward, and mastering jumping movements
  • Knowledge of patterns, such as side swings and footwork patterns
  • Basic body coordination, such as squatting, jumping in place, balancing on one foot, body swings, etc.
  • Safety awareness, learning to receive commands
  • Small muscle exercises, body muscle use and training

The course is designed to cater for the learning abilities of young children. It uses rope skipping to train children's physical fitness, teaching them basic rope skipping skills and a variety of games to enable them to learn rope skipping in an enjoyable way and achieve all-round development.

The private classes are adapted to suit the progress of the students and can be adapted to suit the school curriculum or to suit the requirements of the students.

關於本會 BINGO JUMP LIMITED 成立於 2019 年,本會是一間專業且多元化的跳繩學校,善於把各類跳繩風格按需求融入不同的課程,Bingo 以專業及創新理念,為大眾提供花式跳繩培訓。配合有系統及專業的指導,除提升學員的個人技術,增加自信外,更能培養學員的體育精神及提高個人修養。 創辦人兼總監 馬梓皓 Ted Ma 畢業於香港教育大學 運動教練及管理社會科學碩士學位。前香港跳繩代表隊成員。擁有六年以上花式跳繩教學經驗,中國香港跳繩總會中級教練及世界裁判專業資格,曾獲世界青年跳繩錦標賽團體賽冠軍以及前團體單人速度接力亞洲紀錄保持者,亦是國際交互繩(Fusion DoubleDutch)冠軍級導師。 花式跳繩教練服務 本會會為學校及不同社區機構提供花式跳繩教練服務,開設的課程包括中小學的跳繩推廣活動、體育課、興趣班、表演班、校隊預備班和校隊班,更有把街舞和跳繩融合起來的「Fusion Double Dutch」體驗班等。開設不同類型花式跳繩課程,讓不同水平的學員都能感受到花式跳繩的箇中樂趣。透過花式跳繩培訓中,能培養學員的音樂感及身體協調能力。課程中會滲透與【飛躍跳繩評級考試證書計劃】相關的訓練,學期中為學員考核本會之證書評級考試,以培養學員各方面的身心健康。
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