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LaLiga Football Schools Hong Kong Training Lesson
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Laliga Football Schools Hong Kong provides high-quality football training for players of all ages. We have been set up to train our students in playing the ‘Spanish Way’. The strongest methodology in the world was implemented by LaLiga’s technical director who is based in Hong Kong.

The lessons for younger football players are mainly focused on developing their interests.

The lessons for older players are mainly focused on improving their techniques. We will also provide opportunities for outstanding players, and recommend them to football clubs in LaLiga.

香港西甲足球學校為任何年齡的學員提升足球水平,致力為大家提供最優質足球訓練。我們有西甲認證的技術總監,引入世上最強的「西班牙式」風格核訓練學員。 訓練內容涵蓋:戰術洞察、技術協調、體能狀態以及心理輔導(Tactical Awareness, Technical Coordinative, Physical Condition, Psychological)。 我們按球員的年齡及水平制定不同訓練內容,西甲技術總監亦會全程監察以及作出調整。我們擁有全亞洲足球學院/學校中最強大的教練團隊——歐洲足協Pro執照的教練、現役西班牙職業球員、以及本地頂尖教練。
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Entrepreneurship Centre, Level 5, Core F, Cyberport 3, 100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong

Tel : 852 6919 2589

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