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Private Basketball Training Series for Children and Youth (4 / 5 sessions)
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$600.00 - $3,000.00
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The private basketball training provides flexible time/location selection to parents. Coaches will be arranged by Kinetics Sports to provide on-site instruction according to the selected details and children’s condition with following objectives:

  • Develop children’s coordination and physical ability with basketball
  • Establish basic basketball skills
  • Encourage children's athleticism
  • Nurture children’s discipline
Kinetics Sports Academy - A local basketball training institute, established in 2022, provides safe, professional, and interesting basketball training programme to children and youngsters. The coaches and instructors are capable of helping students achieve the aforementioned learning outcomes. Adhering to this holistic view is what distinguishes us from our peer organizations and enables us to continually improve. Jez Lau – Co-founder and Director (Technical Advice and Business Development) Mr. Lau has extensive basketball coaching experience ranging from primary school kids to adults. Back in his school life, he was the captain of the basketball team in his high school, and basketball team member of his faculty in his university. Rex Kwok – Co-founder and Director (Athletic Coaching and Course Management) Mr. Kwok is a professional physical and athletic instructor with a wide range of expertise, such as fitness & stretching coaching, and recreation management. Mavis Wong – Co-founder and Director (Operations and Customer Services) Ms. Wong plays an important role in internal operations, administrations, customer services, and accounting. In Particular, she is responsible for answering students’ and their parents’ questions and requests. Other coaches – All the coaches are equipped with solid basketball coaching experiences for children.
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