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Kids Basketball Group & Private Class (1 / 4 / 8 sessions)
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Product Format : LIVE
$188.00 - $3,600.00
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Basketball Training formats & offence & defence tactics for kids & boys, rundown:
15 mins warm-up
15 mins training recap
25 mins content training rehearsal
25 mins content training official
10 mins game time / wrap up

Course Benefit
Skills Build - with our fun & professional training in sports formations, history, tactics, team build to strengthen their skills
Muscle & Health Build - keep our on-the-course workout, which gives kids more healthy & physical muscle build.
Mind-Build - kids learn from teamwork & also team formations in a real competitive game environment

The Chill Club Kids Sports under The King’s Athletic Group & [KBC] The King’s Basketball Club found in 2016. A story began with a father and daughter training for her school team's basketball competitions. First 2 games went really bad & could only get 3 points totally from 2 games! Daughter was very upset because the time she was the basketball team's captain, so the father told her daughter: "What if daddy teaches you basketball?" And training between father & daughter started. Late March the same year, both the boys’ & girls’ school basketball teams came to join the training sessions, and started coaching the primary school basketball team. In September 2017, our club carried almost 100 members (including fathers, mothers, sons and daughters) and was named Kowloon Basketball Club and lately official named as “The King’s Basketball Club”. In mid-March 2020, The Chill Club Sports established for junior multi-sports training. The King's Basketball Club was also launched to maintain the spirit of the Kowloon Basketball Club.
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