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Youth Badminton Program
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Beyond Fitness Youth program is designed to help beginners and young children confidently start their badminton journeys. Course benefits include:

  • Build up basic skills and athletic abilities to formulate a strong foundation
  • Provide customized programs at every stage of the journey to allow for continuous personal development and growth.
  • Learn basic badminton skills
  • Develop fundamental movement
  • Improve general fitness
  • Train discipline which is required for an athlete
Established in 2017, Beyond Fitness is a sports academy whose mission is to encourage students to develop an interest in badminton and an active lifestyle. We provide customized and scientific evidence-based badminton programs for schools, and we hold sport-related workshops and talks. Nevertheless, we provide S&C training to help students master the game both technically and physically. Both co-founders and head coaches are certified level 1 coaches of Hong Kong Badminton Association (HKBA), and they hold a Masters degree in Sports Medicine and Sports Studies respectively. They also have more than a decade of experience in competitive badminton and professional badminton coaching.
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