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Sambo and Judo Training Course (4 / 8 Sessions)
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Sambo is now a compulsory discipline in the Russian national sport, widely learnt in the military, police and schools, and has been selected for the next Olympic Games in Paris. This course will introduce and demonstrate Sport Sambo and Combat Sambo. From the basics of Sambo, you will learn throwing techniques, hand and foot techniques, rules of the game and more. The course is taught by the head coach of the Hong Kong team and participants will enjoy the practice.

The instructor has 22 years of experience and is currently the Head Coach of the Hong Kong Team of the Sambo Association of Hong Kong, China, the Head Instructor of Judo and Jiu-Jitsu of the Jinnai Ryu Sports Association, a 4th Dan member of the Shotokan Judo Association and a black belt member of the Judo Association of Hong Kong, China and the Japanese Dojo.
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