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Medical Nursing Series – Holistic Education Activity Package
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Among the authors of the “Medical Nursing Series” activity, one of the authors majored in Chinese Medicine at the University of Hong Kong; the other author graduated from the University of Hong Kong, majoring in dentistry. Through the activities, students will learn the knowledge of medical care. The themes of the activities include “Five Elves”, “Heart”, “Basic Dental Knowledge”, and “Teeth Guardian”.

“Five Elves”: Looking at the five elements and health from the perspective of Chinese medicine, students will understand the five elves in the universe and the five elves in the body. Understand their roles, their relationship, and the way to balance the development of the five elves to achieve physical and mental health.

“Heart”: What does our heart look like? Students can understand the heart from the perspective of Chinese medicine, and learn health knowledge related to the heart through activities.

“Basic Dental Knowledge”: Students can learn about the structure, types and arrangement of teeth in this class. They can also learn more about the dental plaque of their teeth during the activity to increase their interest in dental care. Besides, students will have the opportunity to listen to teeth and a new poem about tooth decay in this class.

“Teeth Guardian”: Will your teeth feel warm or cold, or painful? Why is this happening? Teeth are the behind-the-scenes hero that allows us to taste various foods. In this activity, students can learn interesting oral care knowledge through tooth models and the dental quiz arena.

Purpose: Through group activities, games, and encouragement, teach primary school students (especially junior level) knowledge and skills that can be used for life.

The whole-person development activity course (all-round education) is specially designed and created by our institution for local primary schools. The content bases on academic subjects, intellectual development, moral and civic education, social services, physical and artistic development, and work-related experience. The purpose of classes is to teach students skills that can be used throughout their lives through enjoyable activities, games and rewards, with aims include: enhancing the communication skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking; cultivate positive and optimistic self-confidence and personality; explore the unique potential of students; lead students to appreciate the "beauty" in life. ​ We believe in the power of laughter in the classroom, hope to inspire more new ideas and improve students’ self-confidence levels.
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