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Culture for Kids: Chinese Calligraphy Class
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Your child is lively, and sometimes it is difficult for him or her to calm down and learn? Is he or she accustomed to using electronic devices and hence, not familiar with writing on paper? Sometimes to an extent that they lose their interest in writing? A Chinese calligraphy class is a solution to all of the above problems! The course introduces Chinese calligraphy with the use of Chinese culture with a prolonged history, gradually enriching children’s understanding of Chinese writing. By mastering the Writing method, stroke order and font structure, better language learning habits would be cultivated. The instructor uses vocabulary, words, famous sayings, and idioms as the teaching materials, and may guide the children to practice with nursery rhymes and ancient poems depending on the student’s level. Learning Chinese calligraphy trains up children’s hand-eye-brain coordination skills. It is also a simple and effective way to develop the brain. Not only does it have a health-promoting effect on children by calming their minds and qi and helping them relax in leisure time, but it also achieves the effect of “cultivating the mind”.
你的孩子活潑好動,有時難以靜下心來學習嗎? 或是習慣使用電子設備,寫字寫得不好看? 甚至執筆也提不起興趣了? 中文書法班正是有助解決以上種種煩惱! 中國文化源遠流長,本課程會以此引入,循序漸進地豐富孩子對中文書寫的認識,掌握正確的執筆方法、筆順及字型結構,從而培養良好的語文學習興趣和習慣。課堂中導師的教材會以單字,詞語,名言和成語為主,再視孩子程度引導輔寫兒歌和古詩。 孩子學習書法,除可鍛練手、眼、腦協調,幫助大腦的生長發育外,也能養氣靜心,有益健康,讓孩子課餘時間放鬆心情,進而達到修心的效果。
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