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Game and Animation Creator (4 / 8 / 24 sessions)
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Product Format : LIVE
$350.00 - $6,600.00
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Start your child's programming journey with a visual programming language designed for ages 7 and up. In this program, children will explore the creation of cool games and animations that will spark their curiosity around computational thinking and creativity. There are three themes to choose from like Movie Director, Lil' Scientist, and Fashionista.

Fashionista theme lets children channel their interest in fashion with projects like "Fashion Stylist Game" and "Birthday Movie" that will spur their imagination and creativity. Lil' Scientist will take you on a journey to create "Animal Catch Game" and "5 Senses Movie" while the Movie Director theme uses lego characters and superheroes characters to create story plots for their films, roleplaying as a director to produce their own movie. The only way to learn coding is by doing it, let's learn together!

Development area:
1) Cognitive Thinking (Mathematical Logic Problem Solving) & Language Ability
2) Physical Movements (Coordination of Gross and Fine Motor Skill)
3) Social Skills, Sense of Responsibility
4) Creativity and Appreciation, Understanding of Cultures

We believe that everyone should have access to quality education so that they have the practical life skills needed to address global issues creatively. The way we make that happen is by providing quality education in technology for ​children ages 3 - 15 that is on-demand, accessible, and affordable. Through Tech-Ed programs, Studio Kode aims to empower 5,000,000 children by 2025 with the practical life skills needed to address global issues creatively.
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