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Android Builder with Thunkable (4 / 8 / 24 sessions)
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Category : CQ
Product Format : LIVE
$350.00 - $6,600.00
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Children can now make their own functional and downloadable App (yes, the kind of App that you can download from Google Play Store!). Explore all the features they can add to their App and put into practice the UI/UX that they like, just like the grown ups do at work. It's so awesome!

What will you learn?

As a starter, children will explore the Design Thinking, User Interface and Block Codes in the Thunkable followed by the development of "My Journal" App. Once they get the hang on it, they will be challenged to continue developing a more advanced App called "The Rocket". Lastly, the students will embrace more advanced learning to create "Super App '' project with multiple screens and updated technology such as database and OpenAI features. All projects will have to be showcased and presented individually, testing their confidence in public speaking.

Development area:
1) Cognitive Thinking (Mathematical Logic Problem Solving) & Language Ability
2) Physical Movements (Coordination of Gross and Fine Motor Skill)
3) Social Skills, Sense of Responsibility
4) Creativity and Appreciation, Understanding of Cultures

We believe that everyone should have access to quality education so that they have the practical life skills needed to address global issues creatively. The way we make that happen is by providing quality education in technology for ​children ages 3 - 15 that is on-demand, accessible, and affordable. Through Tech-Ed programs, Studio Kode aims to empower 5,000,000 children by 2025 with the practical life skills needed to address global issues creatively.
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