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Novalearn STEAM Summer Camp (5 / 15 / 30 -Day Camp)
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$2,500.00 - $12,750.00
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Students will learn a new subject everyday during the 5-days hybrid camp, from STEM, Arts and Crafts, Coding, English and life skills with curated activities and hands-on projects. They will also have a tour of a production studio by an award-winning L.A. director and watch a live puppet show! Kids will receive a accredited certificate at camp completion and a free FULL YEAR of Novalearn’s online STEAM courses.

Kids will be inspired to be curious, be creative and confident at the end of the camp. All their work will be uploaded onto their account, parents will receive a summary at the end of each week.


Day 1 - English
Students will be assessed prior to the camp to identify their CEFR levels. We will learn ‘Feelings & Emotions’, hear a story about Kim being upset and how she let it go, quizzes about feelings words and challenging every child on mindful ways to handle their frustration and anger.

Day 2 - Maker
Students will explore design thinking through a problem: ‘How to use a Phone on Mars’ and come up with statements, user stories and design their own phone case for Mars based on their user story.

Day 3 - Science
Students will explore and learn Earth Science, Living Things, our Environment, the Solar System, what is the Blue Planet with hands-on challenges in making their own earth.

Day 4 - Arts n crafts
Students will make their own greeting cards from items available in the Crafts Box (learnt from living things/non-living things in Science Day 3), and learn paper art (a.k.a Origami).

Day 5 - Life Skills
Students will learn about internet safety and technology awareness, how to be a responsible digital citizen and learn the history of toys! They will also learn about 21st century jobs to aspire to their future paths.

Partner is a certified STEAM extracurricular learning platform with a wide variety of supplementary courses from English, STEM, arts, coding, life skills created by International Baccalaureate certified teachers and vetted specialists with more than 20 years of experience. The STEAM curriculum is accredited and aligns with international curricula.
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