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Tinkercad Metaverse Journey (8 Sessions)
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This course will focus on the use of Tinkercad 3D design software to allow students to create their own little virtual worlds. Students will be guided through the process of moving from a flat concept to a three-dimensional one, and will be encouraged to look at different perspectives and apply different 3D design techniques to their virtual worlds, incorporating elements of AR (Augmented Reality) and GIF (Graphical Interchange Format) production.

Programming, mathematical and measurement skills are taught, based on topics such as character modelling and assemblage modelling, to train students to think logically and solve problems. Students will also be guided to create their own dioramas and virtual characters, integrating their knowledge and enhancing their creative potential.

Iron Future was established in 2018 to develop and launch innovative STEM education products and services for secondary schools, primary schools, kindergartens and various educational organisations throughout Hong Kong. The business is widely supported and recognised by the education sector, the business community and many families in the market. Iron Future has been featured in the Hong Kong Coalition for Technology and Innovation Education, Headline Daily, Sing Tao Daily and JobMarket, and has been invited to participate in STEM education popularisation programmes across Asia and has been appointed as an innovation education consultant for various organisations. The founder, Po Leung, has also been invited to attend many major talks, interviews and judging events in the STEM education sector. In 2019, just one year after its establishment, Iron Future reached a valuation of HK$20 million after completing its first round of funding with angel investors and a listed company in Singapore.
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