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Summer Playcation 2022 (10 Sessions)
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$5,030.00 - $10,070.00
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Summer is the PERFECT time for music! While school might be out, children should still keep busy and continue their music education.

Why Summer is Great for Music Lessons?

  • Keep making progress!
  • Achieve goals with greater focus
  • More time for practice
  • Prevent summer learning loss


At Seed Music Academy, we adopt the best from the Suzuki philosophy, where parents, teachers, and peers play a vital role in the musical journey of a child.

The Suzuki method is a music curriculum and teaching philosophy created by Japanese violinist, Shinichi Suzuki. The method aims for parents and teachers to create an environment for learning music which parallels the environment of acquiring a native language.

Our Suzuki teachers are great communicators, passionately trained to understand that each child learns at his or her own rate, and that effort should be met with sincere praise.

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