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🎄北歐聖誕班 - 芬蘭科學小工場 (4節)🎄
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The Education Finland Award首名得獎者,評審包括來自芬蘭教育及文化部和芬蘭國家教育機構的官員等

InNordics is the only local education center that aims to provide recognized Nordic whole-person education programs for children aged 3-12. Programs cover science, social-emotional intelligence, physical education, creative reading & writing and 3D-model design. Each of the programs is well-featured from the Nordic countries: Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland, with the support of Nordic education technology and empirical researches coordinated by the world-class universities and scholars. We shed light on self-directed learning, innovation, collaboration, play-based and global citizenship, to equip our students with vital 21st century competencies. InNordics is honoured to be awarded the “Best STEAM Education Center of the Year (2021)” with the support from our parents and students, and we have launched our education branches in Tseung Kwan O and Nordic Education Hub located in Happy Valley.
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