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Parent-Child Art Experience Day: Creative Light Clay Class and Art Jamming / Oil Bar Workshop
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Parent-child Art Experience Day allows parents and children to enjoy different artistic experiences in the same space under the guidance of mentors. Parents will experience Art Jamming/oil bar workshops, while children will experience working on light clay crafts.

Parent-child art experience will allow children and parents to enjoy the fun of art and relax in the same space. While children participate in creative light clay classes, parents can also participate in an Art Jamming workshop to create personal paintings.

Creative light clay class teaches light clay slinging, pinching, pressing, sticking, cutting and mixing skills through teaching materials on various topics, as well as allowing students to use their creativity and imagination to craft delicate light clay works on different themes under the guidance of their instructors.

Learning goals:

To cultivate students’ hand muscle development and hand-eye coordination
To cultivate students’ stereo concept to train students’ stereoscopic sense
To master the technique of using light clay
To develop students’ patience and focus

Terena Art Studio provides painting materials (paint, drawing boards, brushes etc.) and mentors to help parents complete their creations. If participants do not have a special preference, instructors will give advice on different themes – such as landscapes, buildings, animal painting materials and more.

Oil painting stick is an oily painting tool that has a delicate feel accompanied by bright colours. Through the overlapping and mixing skills, parents can show the oil painting effect!

👩🏻‍🎨 𝕋𝕖𝕣𝕖𝕟𝕒 𝔸𝕣𝕥 𝕊𝕥𝕦𝕕𝕚𝕠 Oil Painting Stick Workshop provides materials and mentor guidance, uses oil painting rods to imitate oil painting effects, but with the characteristics of oil painting sticks and a variety of techniques, to meet the difficulty of painting skill needs, to help parents create unique works – ideal for students without painting foundation and experience to try.

Terena 是香港本土藝術家,熱愛街頭藝術創作。在過去六年,創作已遍佈香港各個街頭,隨時隨地也可能看到她的作品,參與不同藝術展覽、社區藝術等大型藝術活動。。至今,她在社區、學校、街頭、餐店等不同地方已完成多於50件的街頭藝術作品,更嘗試誇出香港,參與其他國家的Street Art 比賽和壁畫創作,包括美國及意大利,為自己在藝術的道路上注了強心,並藉此與各國街頭藝畫家交流。 她都是一位藝術教育者,把對藝術的熱愛,希望藉著創作和藝術教育,傳遞和推廣正能量,以生命影響生命。 因而開辦Terena Art Studio, Terena Art Studio 提供不同藝術工作坊及課程,適合幼兒、兒童、親子活動及喜愛藝術體驗者,導師持藝術教育學位及專業資格,希望讓學生、更多人接觸和體驗不同的藝術活動,對藝術和生命有另一番體會,一起 Enjoy the initiative of arts!
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