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Quicksand Painting Workshop (1 Session)
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Category : CQ
Product Format : LIVE
$380.00 - $450.00
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Slow Living & Soul healing

With the stressful city life, school and family workloads, life is often full of stress. Through watching the colourful sand flow slowly like an hourglass, you can learn to slow down, focus on yourself, gain insight into the present moment and heal your soul.


The sand painting is a dynamic decoration consisting of a frame, a transparent glass cavity, coloured sand and a transparent mixture. The coloured sand sinks to the bottom at different speeds, creating a layered, tumbling scene.


Teaching basic production concepts, introduction to materials
Provide reference on shapes, professional demonstrations and sharing of sand dropping techniques
Participants will learn how to adjust the speed of the sand

導師Justine Leung 擁有超過5年活動策劃經驗,結合創新手作題材,推出一系列工作坊,更簡化複雜的手作工序,令手工創作普及化,令不同年齡人仕都能享受手作樂趣,亦曾接受多間傳媒機構訪問,包括TVB、U magazine。
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