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Architect Series – Holistic Education Activity Packag
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The author of the “Architect Series” is engaged in the construction industry and majored in architectural heritage conservation at the University of Hong Kong. She has participated in projects including the Shaxi Ancient Town Conservation Project. In the “Architect Series” activity, the author allows students to learn about architecture and art. The themes of the activities include “Lights”, “Windows”, “Doors”, “Walls”, “3 Primary Colors” and “Colors”.

“Lights”: In this class, students can learn about light sources, the history of light bulbs and the role of light. This knowledge will arouse students’ interest in science, history and art.

“Windows”: What does the window in your classmate’s house look like? Have you paid attention to the beautiful windows? In this class, students will learn about windows in Hong Kong and around the world, and learn to appreciate the artistic beauty of windows.

“Doors”: “Doors” is an activity class designed by college architecture students. Through the class, students can learn Chinese, architecture, visual arts, culture, and history. A door plays a very important role in a house. In daily life, how much do you know about door designs? In this activity, students have the opportunity to get in touch with different types of doors and understand the cultural significance behind doors.

“Walls”: This activity class will give students an understanding of the arrangement of wall tiles, the composition and meaning underneath wall designs from the perspective of environmental protection and history.

“3 Primary Colors”: What are the 3 Primary Colors? In the class, students can not only learn about the three primary colors but also the changes after the combination of them. This class will provide students with key basic knowledge in visual arts, design, and science.

“Colors”: Do you know what color represents? In this class, you can understand the meaning behind colors, and it will turn students into little designers to understand and use color from a designer’s perspective. This class will help students learn to appreciate art and improve emotional expression, hopefully increase their chances to engage in art, design, and architecture in the future.

Purpose: Through group activities, games, and encouragement, teach primary school students (especially junior level) knowledge and skills that can be used for life.

The whole-person development activity course (all-round education) is specially designed and created by our institution for local primary schools. The content bases on academic subjects, intellectual development, moral and civic education, social services, physical and artistic development, and work-related experience. The purpose of classes is to teach students skills that can be used throughout their lives through enjoyable activities, games and rewards, with aims include: enhancing the communication skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking; cultivate positive and optimistic self-confidence and personality; explore the unique potential of students; lead students to appreciate the "beauty" in life. ​ We believe in the power of laughter in the classroom, hope to inspire more new ideas and improve students’ self-confidence levels.
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