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ArtCrafters (4 Sessions)
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At ArtCrafters, all our projects are designed to develop creativity and original ideas in children. From improving their fine motor and technical skills to developing pride and appreciation for the arts, the artist will learn, grow and have loads of fun in this program. All supplies will be provided. Come paint, draw, build the artworks and create your own art exhibition at the end of the term!

Our Mission is to :
Develop creativity and original ideas
Improve fine motor and technical skills
Develop pride and appreciation for Arts

Since 2004, Activekids has been specializing in delivering high quality educational programs to children of age 3 to 18 in Hong Kong and Greater China. We have established a strong track record of performance; with over 60+ schools, and a growing participants’ list, we strongly believe that our premium, supplementary activities are truly worthwhile and beneficial to the development of children. Our high quality programs have positively impacted thousands of students in Hong Kong’s top local, international and ESF schools. Our ActiveKids programs include: Science Adventures, The Chess Academy, Stormy Chef, RoboCode, ArtCrafters, Mission Runway, as well as a Summer Travel Study program in Beijing - the Tsinghua Young Global Leaders. Our company focuses and specializes in working with schools to provide the best support and teachers to deliver quality programs to students. We see all our schools as close working partners, so that we can optimize on program quality and minimize on administrative efforts. We practice one-contact point for the school, so that all parties are always aligned and working effectively together.
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