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Swedish Visual Art Master Blueprint Sketching Class
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Wish to nurture your child’s observational skills? Blueprint sketching can help!

Unlike other kinds of drawing, blueprint sketching emphasizes on accuracy and can only be completed with a lot of precise details and specifics. Apart from being proficient in drawing, kids have to be more exact and strategic with lines, measurements, scales, dimensions and so much more.

This course is a dream-come-true for any kid with a creator mindset. Through the process of creating a two-dimensional blueprint of his or her own invention, Andreas will show the students how to turn imagination into reality.


Train up children’s observational skills
Develop creativity and experimentation mindset
Build on their self-confidence and self-belief by presenting their own inventions
Increase spatial awareness that boosts Mathematical ability


LK / Andreas von Buddenbrock

After graduating from BASIS School of Art in Stockholm in 2011, Andreas von Buddenbrock went on to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Hong Kong and the U.S. (Savannah and Atlanta, GA). Following his graduation in 2015,  Andreas worked as an assistant to Swedish sculptor Anders Krisár in  Manhattan, New York, before training as a Gallery Associate at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA/MoMA PS1). Today, aside from being an art tutor, Andreas creates images for both private and commercial clients such as FC Barcelona, Hang Seng Bank, Tanner De Witt, Klasse14 and more. He is the main illustrator of the "World's Largest Coloring Book", which was created in partnership with UBS (Guinness World Record winner 2018).

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