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Spanish Regular Beginner class
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General information
Identify people, places, and objects
Describe people, places, objects, and states
Compare people, objects, places, situations and actions
Express reasons for studying Spanish
Refer to current or habitual actions

Express and ask for opinions about someone or something
Express and ask for agreement and disagreement
Corroborate and deny other people's information (¿No es verdad? ¿Tú crees?)
Knowledge and degree of certainty

Express knowledge and ignorance
Feelings, desires and preferences
Express and ask for pleasure
Express and ask for satisfaction and desire
Express and ask preferences
Express and ask for desire and need

Order something in a public establishment
Ask for the price of an object
Social uses of the language

Greet and say goodbye
Introducing someone and reacting to being introduced

Congratulate and thank
Control of oral communication
Point out that it is not understood

Request a repetition of what was said
Verify that what has been said has been understood
Spell and request to be spelled

Request that something be written
Asking for a word or expression that is not known or has been forgotten
Ask someone to speak slower or louder.

+Grammar contents conformed to DELE A1

摩爾玫瑰Trista老師 旅居西班牙南部3個多月,又經常造訪西班牙,走訪了南部很多大小城鎮,白色小村落,深愛 Andalucia 安達路西亞的文化! 為了跟當地人交流,學習西班牙語多年。學語言除了追求國際水平試的成績外,更重要是 live the language,Trista 可以帶大家認識西班牙及西語國家文化,更能教你如何用當地用語更接近西班牙當地人的溝通模式。 “用最地道生活化的題材以適合香港學生的系統課程,教授西班牙文及文化。” 教學經驗3 年 現職中華基金會中學西班牙語老師 現職遵理學校西班牙語導師 現職All Master world 西班牙語導師 Musaic Performance Academie 合作夥伴--西班牙語及舞蹈
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