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Argentine Tango Parent-Child Communication Course
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This Argentine Tango Course curriculum allows parents and children an opportunity to discover themselves, cultivate intimacy with awareness and enjoy the quality time of dancing Tango together.

Argentine Tango is an unique and improvised dance form. Through the movement between the dance two, it creates a non-verbal conversation between 2 people which awake body awareness and connections for both.

Dancing Argentine Tango together with your child is a magical moment for discovering and understanding each other.

By creating / building simple dance combinations in the lesson, both of you will cooperate with each other, enjoy the quality time, express and respond to ourselves directly, and build up tacit understanding and better relationships.


Enrich and enhance the bonding with your child
Understanding and accept each other through creating the movement and dancing together
Stimulate creativity and body awareness
Improve body posture (both standing and walking)
Experience Tango, a non-verbal communication skill and apply it into daily life. Be courage to express own emotion and ideas.
Build up better relationship with others

Instructors - Candy and Anita Sze Candy Sze & Anita Sze are sisters, 20 years of Argentine Tango teaching experience. They developed a good and effective communication methodology in Tango and applied it in their curriculum. More than an usual dancing class for teaching the dance itself, they guide their students to better their relationship with kids, couples, colleagues and friends. Results have been proved during these 20 years.
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