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Basic yoga focuses on the introduction and step-by-step practice of asanas and breathing methods, which helps students focus on the connection of mind and body, enhancing awareness and stability. Basic yoga is suitable for all practitioners who want moderate strength and stretching balance. It is especially suitable for beginners to help improve the awareness of the body and lay a solid foundation for asanas.
學習了十幾年瑜伽的Jo 在一次腰背受傷康復後開始認真研究瑜伽如何為現代人帶來更健康的生活,遠離慢性病與都市病,於2019年開始執教,到學校幫助老師們透過瑜伽減壓以達身心平衡,也帶領學生們到戶外練習瑜伽與大自然融為一體,最近也極力推廣網上在家自主學習。致力分享所學之餘,也發放正面和積極的生活態度。 Qualification -200 hours the foundation yoga alliance accredited teacher training with patrickcreelman,2019 200小時美國瑜伽聯盟認證導師基礎課程 -30 hours Yoga alliance accredited Yin yoga teacher training myofascia release and Myoyin with Nicky Hajthoma,2020 30小時美國瑜伽聯盟認證陰瑜伽導師課程 (包括肌筋膜放鬆與肌筋膜陰瑜伽) -100 hours yoga alliance accredited yin yoga teacher training (Chinese medicine in the functional anatomy with Nicky Hajthoma,2020 100小時美國瑜伽聯盟認證 陰瑜伽導師課程(包括中醫理論與官能解剖學)
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