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Nunchaku Course (Children / Youth / Adult) (4 sessions)
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Students will learn the proper understanding of the sport of Nunchaku, learn the techniques, and focus on the cultivation of Nunchaku moral and spiritual cultivation, through the movements, the way of the stick and the series of routines, students will learn both moral and artistic, learn discipline, improve body coordination, strengthen physical fitness, make the left and right brain more flexible, balance the body and mind.

We have set up an eight-level and eight-dan Nunchaku examination so that students can follow the Nunchaku examination system and continue to study and improve. Students can participate in local Nunchaku performances, international martial arts festivals and international Nunchaku competitions every year to broaden their horizons and improve themselves.

Lesson Flow:
Etiquette (instructor and students salute each other and give instructions before class)
Warm-up and stretch (5 - 10 minutes)
Physical training (5 - 10 minutes)
Basic nunchaku training according to the training flow chart (20 minutes)
Nunchaku routines (10 - 20 minutes)
Etiquette (instructors and students salute each other and leave class)

Founded in 2009 by Lau Man Leung, the first nunchaku-based association in Hong Kong is dedicated to promoting the culture of nunchaku in the territory. Through media, classes and stage performances, we promote the message that nunchaku is legal, safe, correct and healthy to practice. Vision: To reach 10 million people around the world who understand and learn nunchaku. Mission: To promote standardised nunchaku instruction worldwide. Responsibility: To realise all the dreams of nunchaku enthusiasts in the field of nunchaku. Philosophy: To promote the legal, safe, correct and healthy way of learning nunchaku through the organisation of nunchaku standardised courses, cultural transmission and various public performances, and to build a stronger and more mature nunchaku platform! Jerry Lau In 2009, he founded his first Nunchaku Association, and has been teaching and spreading Nunchaku since then, and has performed in various organisations and communities, bringing out a positive and healthy Nunchaku culture. He has also worked hard to promote the art of Nunchaku and is often seen in media interviews and programmes. He has also worked with the Tokyo TV station to produce a programme. Since 2013, he has led his students to compete in Hong Kong and international tournaments, accumulating 100 gold and 20 silver nunchaku awards. He has built a strong and solid foundation for the nunchaku culture in Hong Kong!
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