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ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory Exam Online Preparation Course (Jun 2022)
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This course provides basic training for students preparing for the Grade 5 Music Theory examination.

The course is divided into seven modules, which provide an in-depth discussion of the content of the seven examination questions. The course has been carefully planned to be the most systematic and efficient music theory course for children.

It is suitable for students aged 8 and above. Classes are conducted online and parents are encouraged to accompany their children to class. A video recording is provided for students to revisit concepts and answer questions.

The course fee is $2400 and comes with a course textbook and a mock test practice book.

  • Lesson 1: Fundamentals of Music Theory
  • Lesson 2: Fundamentals of Music Theory
  • Lesson 3: Pitch
  • Lesson 4: Keys and Scales
  • Lesson 5: Intervals
  • Lesson 6: Chords
  • Lesson 7: Rhythm
  • Lesson 8: Rhythm
  • Lesson 9: Terms, Signs and Instruments
  • Lesson 10: Music in Context
KidsTHEORY 為一間專業教授兒童樂理之網上教室,為本地學生提供各級樂理課程。我們重視教學品質,照顧每個學生的學習進度需要。每年有超過八成學生,考獲良好或優等成績,教學成效顯著。給孩子最優質的樂理教學是我們的承諾。
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