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聖誕限定陶藝工作坊 (1節)
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石下工作室位於九龍灣,提供切合不同年齡和程度的活動,想為公司舉辦活動,或者與家人共度美好時光:Team-building、陶藝工作坊‪‪‬、繪畫課程、壁畫、團體活動、訂製、生日派對、慶祝畢業等,租場等,我們可以滿足您的任何需要,我們歡迎任何特別要求及查詢。 Under The Stone | Art Studio We provide services like painting class, art jamming, ceramics lesson, team-building, birthday, celebration, art jamming party and photoshoot. We offer creative ceramics and painting activities that are suitable for all ages and levels in different schools and companies. Our production team designs and produces our own ceramics collections, which focuses on designing functional kitchenware and tableware. We also take on custom production for those who wish to promote ceramics handicraft through their businesses.
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