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Watercolor Painting Workshops (Beginner and Intermediate)
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(1) “Chinese Porcelain Painting” (2) “Realistic Flowers Painting” (3) “Hong Kong Mailboxes Painting” Looking for a creative outlet to keep your kids engaged, allowing them to express themselves? Stir your child’s visual expression and imagination with watercolors and paintings in this workshop series! Watercolor is one of the most versatile materials for artwork. They are affordable, readily available, and easy for children of all ages to use. Compared to other forms of art materials, watercolors can be easily adjusted, altered, and rearranged, perfect for young artists like your child to start exploring and experimenting in the world of paintings. In this workshop series, the student would get a good grasp of watercolor techniques while choosing from diverse mediums and themes. Our experienced Instructor Roong, a passionate artist and mother who has taught more than 1,500 classes and workshops for both adults and kids, companies and international schools. She loves to create artwork that is related to Hong Kong culture, lifestyle and motherhood experience inspired by art activities with her daughter. Through the translation of images onto paper, children get to re-discover their inner creativity and are encouraged to observe the world differently. The workshop also ensures the mastery of color applications and stroke movements under professional guidance.
My name is Roong Suchinunkul. I used to be an Architect for 14 years in Thailand under my own studio. Now I am an artist that specializes in hand carved stamps, hand printing, fabric printing, watercolor painting, calligraphy and embroidery. I started my art business under the name "By Mamalaterre" in 2013. I created this because of my motherhood experience, since I did a lot of art activities with my daughter (Laterre), and that’s how I came up with the name “By Mamalaterre”. I love to create artwork that is related to Hong Kong culture and lifestyle such as a Hong Kong skyline from hand carved stamps and Hong kong row houses with watercolor painting. I also love to use Chinese culture mixed into my artwork as well such as Chinese tea pots and porcelain. Since then, I created a lot of products using my artwork. I also teach art for kids and adults (watercolor painting, stamp carving and fabric printing) and have taught more than 1,500 classes and workshops so far. Sometimes, I set workshops for companies like Christian Dior, Sisley Paris, Weber Shandwick, Clarins, Les Nereides, Royal Canin, Credit Suisse, Tod’s, Havoc Live for ruby 7, 360 wellness, Petit Bazaar, etc. I also set a special art workshop for international schools like Kellett School, Quarry Bay School, Canadian International School.
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