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《水母萬花筒》塑膠彩 (1節)
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在鬧市中走到一個秘密花園,寧靜的空間,讓你可以隨心創作。 課程由經驗導師執教,教授構圖、線條、顏色運用技巧、每種顏料之特性等。 本節運用塑膠彩創作翩翩起舞的水母 :導師教授學員怎樣利用調色、形態、層次等繪出栩栩如生,動態十足,紋理細膩的水母! 畫作尺寸(1幅):25cm x 30cm / 30cm x 30cm
Conveniently located in the heart of Kwun Tong, the class is newly renovated and has a peaceful environment. The instructor has been invited to participate in many art and craft workshops in the business and shopping malls, expanding the scope of art creation to different places
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